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I am a solution focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist based in Romsey. I have more than 25 years’ experience working for the local authority in education, teaching and training with a special focus on working with young children with special educational needs and their families. I have developed a personal interest in mental health over the years as a result of my own challenges and those of friends and family. Having a now grown up son with autism has taught me a huge amount about patience, resilience and the strengths we can discover within ourselves.

What I love about the solution focused approach is that instead of focusing on what  clients don’t want in their lives, we focus on what they do want. And, as we know, what we focus on gets bigger and clearer and this empowers clients to  visualise in detail their ideal future and the small steps they need to take to get there. We do this through a mixture of talking therapy and relaxation either online or face to face.  I can help clients with general issues such as anxiety and low mood or we can be more specific with issues such as weight management or phobias. I’ve been amazed at the life-changing results that this approach can bring about in only a few sessions, helping me to recover from Long Covid and my partner to final give up smoking easily!


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