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Romsey is an amazing place to live and work and we are passionate to ensure that the whole business community of Romsey flourishes. We are truly excited about the future development of Romsey and wish to support it through this new venture of ours.

Currently nearly 30% of the population is either set employed or working from home, and as a result they often do not feel part of a team nor do they work in an ideal environment. I have been one of those people that have struggled to find a quiet place to work in the bustling coffee houses that flood our high street.

So following the booming trend of new co-working space environments, we are looking to create “The Daley Hub” with purposeful networking and the coolest working environment the high street has seen. A few hours working in the Hub will be more productive and enjoyable than a day working at home.

Between us we have many years of hands on experience in business and in retail and supplying retail, this new business is a great addition to our already successful international consultancy business. We cannot wait to bring “The Daley Hub” to Romsey’s high street.

At The Daley Hub, we believe in helloing the business community to really understand its full potential and do better.

As a starting point we offer the following services to the self employed, long workers and general public.

  1. Co-working space/hot desk environment (payable hourly) – Watch this space for location details…we are actively looking for premises.
  2. Networking across businesses and an encouragement to promote each others businesses.
  3. Advice, help and support through seminars, talks and training sessions (conducted by either ourselves but hopefully we would like to encourage other businesses to get involved).

…and we will also help and support local charities, schools and students in the area – we presently support and are connected with Georges Trust, Alex Lewis Trust, Romsey Youth Choir, Youth in Romsey and we mentor at the Romsey School.


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2 Testwood Cottage

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