Adaptive Reliable Management (A.R.M)

Business Management

All clients have the same basic goal; to make a profit and to have more money coming in than going out. Sounds simple? Far from it! How each organisation achieves this is unique, and this is why at A.R.M. we provide an adaptive service, to suit the needs of our individual clients.

We represent sole traders, partnerships and limited companies that are at different stages of their business life cycle:

  • Starting a business
  • Managing a business
  • Growing a business
  • Exiting a business

Providing a flexible service means you are able to choose what you want when you need it. Whether your needs range from assistance in preparing and submitting VAT returns once a quarter, or providing company secretarial services, right through to outsourcing your entire accounting function.

Whatever your requirements are, we provide a reliable management service, providing a cost benefit to your organisation in two respects:

  • Freeing up management time, which can be better spent delivering or developing business activities
  • Only incurring costs for the services you need, when you need them

Consultancy Services

Our consultants are business professionals who have business experience across the whole company life cycle. We work closely with our clients to understand the issues they face. It is easy to make suggestions and recommendations, the art is to truly understand the issues, what is required (which is not always what is specifically asked for or expected), to listen and gather relevant information. It is only then that you can make suggestions and recommendations which will truly add value to and help ensure business success.

We act as business partners and develop innovative strategies combining the knowledge we gain about your organisation with the knowledge we bring through experience and expertise.

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